Brandon began purchasing residential properties to renovate and sell in early 2000. He did nearly all of the repair work on his own, yet as the number of homes grew, Brandon still continued to search for the perfect real estate agent to represent his interests. While he was able to work with many good agents, none seemed willing or able to provide truly personalized service at the level he expected. His passion was in working with his hands and creating works of exceptional qualities, yet Brandon realized that to attain the level of real estate service he expected, he would need to create yet another exceptional quality of work—his own real estate company. Brandon envisioned a company detached from the mainstream firms that busily market more for themselves and less for their clients. He wanted a company where the client would be the genuine focus, and their experience was the quality of work his “craftsman-like” agents created throughout their service to the client. In November 2006, The Cooper Real Estate Group, LLC opened its doors and Brandon’s dream of creating his own real estate company was complete. His craftsmanship and passion for high quality work is reflected in his hand selected agents, their core values of exceptional client service, and a relaxed office culture with lower volume and greater quality—one client and friend at a time.

Experience Personalized Real Estate Service

Our personalized, client focused culture is guided by the belief that real estate is about people—not property. With Cooper Real Estate Group, you’ll never simply be a file number with a budget parameter attached to it. We know and care about our clients, and we share in their goals and dreams.


11945 Indian Creek Road South
Indianapolis, IN 46259
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