So you’re considering buying your very first home—to say it’s a crazy, scary, and an exciting time would certainly be an understatement! You’ve likely read countless articles, scoured every corner of the internet for “do’s and don’ts of first time home buyers” and asked every friend, co-worker, and family member for advice. While we recommend following the information contained in our First Time Homebuyer’s Guide, the single most important step you should take in purchasing your first home is to find an agent that you can absolutely trust. If you have that, and you believe in the information they’re providing, then all you have to do is follow their direction and advice. (Yes, we’re those agents!)

We have the knowledge, experience, patience and integrity to guide and protect you throughout your home buying experience. While every client’s next home chapter is exciting to be a part of, the rewarding experience seeing a first time home buyer receive their first set of house keys is truly beyond words!

Ready for a more in-depth guide to buying your first home? Click Here to Download Our First Time Homebuyer’s Guide

Experience Personalized Real Estate Service

Our personalized, client focused culture is guided by the belief that real estate is about people—not property. With Cooper Real Estate Group, you’ll never simply be a file number with a budget parameter attached to it. We know and care about our clients, and we share in their goals and dreams.


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