Home Selling Tips


No one has a more important role in the home-selling process than you. Here are some ways your participation will contribute to a successful sale:

  • Complete recommended repairs and staging tips to your home and keep it in a well maintained condition.
  • Continue to maintain the property in ready-to-show condition.
  • Ensure that the home is easily accessible to real estate professionals (lock box and key).
  • Be flexible in granting showing requests for your home.
  • If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a real estate professional, direct them to your agent and do not discuss possible sale terms with them…This will come back to bite us in negotiations!
  • Remove or lock up valuables, jewelry, cash and prescription medications.
  • Do not be present when the property is being shown.
  • Remove your pets for showings, and as a last-case option, have them kennelled during the showing.
  • Be cautious about saying anything to buyers or their agent that could weaken your negotiating position, especially regarding price or your urgency to sell.
  • Let your agent know of any changes in the property’s condition that would need to be disclosed to potential buyers.
  • Be readily accessible to your agent’s phone calls, emails and text messages.
  • Contact your agent at any time with questions or concerns.

It is our goal to help you sell your property for the highest price attainable within the time frame that fits your plans. Our mission is to make the home-selling process as efficient, stress-free, and successful as possible.

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