So you’ve done your research, placed the For Sale sign in your front yard, and found a buyer. While we would have loved to have been involved in your overall process, we applaud your courage to jump into the crazy real estate world on your own. This strategy is definitely not for everyone, and in reality, the real work is still ahead of you. Finding a ready, willing, and able buyer is one of the greatest hurdles sellers face — but now that you have found one, the entire transaction still lies before both of you.

Now you need proper contracts that protect both parties and will be accepted by lenders and title companies. Inspections need to be arranged (But who should do what? And what’s fair?) If the appraisal doesn’t come back supported, what are your next steps? Title work must be completed so, once again, all parties are protected. A seamless closing takes a lot of work. With multiple variables occurring throughout the transaction, you can greatly narrow down the information with some outside, expert knowledge. Our professional experience can navigate both parties through the remaining transaction as seamlessly and stress-free as possible.

If this is you, and the reality of the transaction is beginning to weigh you down, please give us a call. We can discuss exactly where you’re at with your transaction, and be able to give a single fee to complete the remainder of the transaction for you and ease your troubles.

Experience Personalized Real Estate Service

Our personalized, client focused culture is guided by the belief that real estate is about people—not property. With Cooper Real Estate Group, you’ll never simply be a file number with a budget parameter attached to it. We know and care about our clients, and we share in their goals and dreams.


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