A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent employed to work in the best interests of a buyer in a real estate transaction. The agent’s loyalties are solely with the buyer, and not the seller, and it’s the agent’s duty to acquire and share any information about the property or sellers that may help the buyer make decisions regarding the transaction.  And the best news for our buyers: these services are paid by the seller’s agent and come at no cost to you!

With today’s technology and availability of information, buyer’s agents are no longer the gatekeepers of property information, which at the CREG is how we prefer the home buying process to be. We want property information to be readily available, to have the most informed client early in the process, which will inherently expedite the home buying process and create a more seamless transaction throughout. But don’t start thinking you don’t need a CREG buyer’s agent, if you’re able to access so much information online. Knowing what homes are for sale, what their taxes are, their school districts, and all things in between, doesn’t translate into fully understanding and optimally purchasing your new home with the best terms. As your buyer’s agent we work solely for you, not the seller, and whether we’re looking for bungalows in Broad Ripple, condos downtown, walk-out basements in Center Grove and Carmel, or the old farm house in the country, we’ll passionately complete the following in our representation of you:


  • Advise and advocate, providing the cultural norms, expectations and realities throughout the home buying process.
  • Recommend service providers, such as lenders, home inspectors and contractors, which are based solely on past successful experiences for our clients. At no time do we accept any type of compensation from these providers for our recommendation, and we never will!
  • Learn buyer’s needs and wants in their next home, and use the information to best guide that individual home buying process.
  • Educate buyers on current market conditions and localized trends in the areas they’re interested in purchasing.
  • Help buyers attain as many of their needs as possible when balancing the realities of the marketplace and/or specific financial constraints.
  • Research homes and sort through active listings, and possibly off market listings, to make suggestions after accounting for buyer’s needs.
  • Scheduling and showing potential homes, while coordinating with the different listing agents for updated information and property status.
  • Aid buyers in narrowing their search until they have identified their top choices, and then assisting in weighing the best options for the final choice.
  • Provide recent sales data to assist in establishing a successful negotiation plan prior to submitting an offer on “the one.”
  • Prepare all necessary documents for the offer and any counteroffers, and advise on the necessary accompanying documents that should be submitted with the offer.
  • Assist buyers in navigating the often arduous lending process.
  • Provide the norms and realistic expectations during the home inspection period, any follow up inspections, and prepare the necessary documents to address the repair or compensation for any items deemed necessary.
  • Counsel buyers on how to handle any repairs needed on the property.
  • Counsel buyers through the appraisal process, and if necessary, re-negotiate offer terms and prepare the necessary documentation to address a low appraisal.
  • Be present at closing to ensure all the buyer’s interests are protected and the closing and possession exchange are as seamless possible.
  • We’re never gone after closing! Questions will come up and we will always be there to answer and address them.
Experience Personalized Real Estate Service

Our personalized, client focused culture is guided by the belief that real estate is about people—not property. With Cooper Real Estate Group, you’ll never simply be a file number with a budget parameter attached to it. We know and care about our clients, and we share in their goals and dreams.


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